the boy who was in a abandoned hospital from

The boy was walking down the dirty road he looked left and saw a hospital which was abandoned for a long time the boy  decided to walk across the road and the hospital was cordoned off  he crawled he under he saw a massive rock threw it at the window. By Nyasha

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This Term means Fresh Start

It’s another half term and so, it means a fresh start! Also, I hope everyone enjoyed Easter! I also hope you didn’t eat too much chocolate! I did!

The fresh start means we turn a leaf, and make ourselves better. A bit like a new years resolution, you turn a leaf to make things better!


Anyways, that’s all I had time for! I hope you enjoy this term!


Bye! :)

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Much loved




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Dear God

I thank you for the love you have implanted in our hearts ,

Thank you for the kindness you gave us to make friends,

Love is not evil but kind ,

Love is something everyone wants,

God please protect my heart ,



By Beth 

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Auathors visit

Eve work up.  She felt happy, She felt strange, She felt excited.  Was it the weekend?  NO!  Was it a day of school?  NO!  Was it half term?  NO!  So why was she feeling so excited?  Then she remembered.  It was book week at school. Her favourite author in the whole David Walliams  world was coming to talk to Eve’s class.  he wrote the best books.  Eve had read everyone of David Walliams Books.  Even after lights out.  Lucy thought they were nearly as good as the Daisy Meadows books.  Eve thought they were even better…



By Eve

                                                                      See the next bit of the story next week.  

                                                                                            See you then. 


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Our favourite characters in disney world

Beth’s – my favourite characters in is Buzz Lightyear  and woody out of toy story .

Sophie D- My favourite is belle from Beauty and the beast .     


                                                                                              by Beth and Sophie D    

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school days

Some school days sometimes start good and some start bad. On a playtime sometimes I have lots of fun and sometimes not so much fun. My best friend is Tia if I am upset she will make me happy again but now my other friend is not friends with Tia and I wish they could be friends because I can not choose who to play with because if I play with one the other one will get upset.

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my puppy great Dane

My puppy is nineteen week and she is so big but cute. she normally always lays on the sofa and chews her toys and she has a lot of toys when it is sunny she likes playing tug of war , fetch and chases . she loves cuddles too .

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What I like to do on the weekends

On the weekends I like to research animals in my books and on my computer. My favourite animals so far is the kiwi bird. You can only find this bird in New Zealand because this is the only place that has the right temperature for them. These birds do not have feathers but have claws and legs. This bird can’t fly but can run fast if it feels scared it will run for its life. Kiwis love to eat fruit such as mangos kiwis/fruit.  


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What we like to do at the weekend

At the weekend I like to be with my family and have fun. Sometimes I like to invite my friends  and play, most of the time I will sleep in while my family are doing all the boring things whilst I’ll be having fun dreams. Lily


At the weekend I like to watch TV even  if it’s  really early. I like to annoy my sister every Sunday morning by shouting GOOD MORNING !!! If I’m not doing any of those I would probably  be riding my bike. Hannah


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